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CFI Insurance

Are you insured acting as a CFI in an aircraft you do not own?

The answer is probably NO!

Even if you are listed on the owner’s policy as a pilot, insurance companies can pay a claim for the owner and sue the CFI to recoup their losses. Because you are a professional charging for your expertise, the insurance companies are more likely to subrogate against you after paying a claim for the owner. You can be held personally liable for aircraft physical damage, property damage, bodily injury and more.

CFI Aircraft Insurance is designed to cover the CFI in the event of a loss. CFI’s that purchase a Policy with AIA have the option to add the following types of coverage:

Aircraft Physical Damage
Bodily Injury
Medical Expenses
Property Damage
Loss of Use
Legal Defense and Investigation
Runway Foaming
Search and Rescue

Flight Instructors promote safety and training within the aviation community. Often CFI’s will qualify for discounts for completing additional training themselves.Let AIA help you with an insurance policy designed to protect you in the event of a loss. Through our online quoting system you can purchase a policy in minutes.


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