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15 Nov 2016

‘Trump TFR’ Shuts Down Hudson River Corridor

Scenic flight route past Manhattan is now off limits to general aviation pilots.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The “Trump TFR” over New York City has been amended by the FAA to reopen a portion the Hudson River Corridor on the western side of the river.

The improbable election of Donald J. Trump as the next president of the United States wasn’t the only surprise following the seismic events of Tuesday night.
A Temporary Flight Restriction now rings Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan, the home of the president-elect, from now until the day after Inauguration Day, giving Trump just enough time to pack up his last remaining belongings before moving into his new residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

15 Nov 2016
General Aviation

What Impacts Will the Elections Have on General Aviation?

With the 2016 elections behind us, U.S. general aviation leaders are now left to mull what a new presidential administration and Congress could mean for their industry.

A new Congress will take up where the last left off and debate the controversial ATC privatization plan that caused a stalemate between the House and Senate this year. Republicans still hold majorities in the House and Senate after this year’s elections, but both majorities were slightly narrowed.


15 Oct 2016
ICON Aircraft Delays Full Production

Our report on the best of the light-sport world for the coming year

Nobody would argue that the introduction of light-sport aircraft (LSA) changed general aviation in ways unseen since the golden era of Cubs and Luscombes. The Federal Aviation Administration introduced LSA with their ruling on July 20, 2004, creating a new category of aircraft intended to fill the gap between ultralight aircraft and general aviation aircraft.

18 Aug 2016
ICON Aircraft Delays Full Production

Reset Button: ICON Aircraft Delays Full Production

On Wednesday afternoon, ICON Aircraft announced it was scaling back its aircraft production plans for 2016 and seeking additional ways to rejuvenate its effort to create an amphibious light-sport aircraft that reaches beyond the traditional aviation marketplace.

18 Jul 2016
Commercial Aviation Insurance

Airplane Insurance: What Matters to You?

I’ve often wondered, what are the true reasons you buy airplane insurance? Because you believe you need it? Because you have to? Maybe you believe airplane insurance a good deal? We all might be worried from time to time what could happen and what if we need insurance to protect our assets and our families.