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17 Nov 2016

Daher Introduces Program Linking TBM Owners with Charter Operators

New FACT program makes chartering out your TBM a less daunting proposition.
Daher announced a program to pair TBM turboprop owners with commercial charter operators. Dubbed Fly and Charter your TBM (FACT), the program links owners and charter operators, providing the needed initial documentation, insurance guidance and technical advice.READ MORE

15 Nov 2016
General Aviation

What Impacts Will the Elections Have on General Aviation?

With the 2016 elections behind us, U.S. general aviation leaders are now left to mull what a new presidential administration and Congress could mean for their industry.

A new Congress will take up where the last left off and debate the controversial ATC privatization plan that caused a stalemate between the House and Senate this year. Republicans still hold majorities in the House and Senate after this year’s elections, but both majorities were slightly narrowed.