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17 Nov 2016

Daher Introduces Program Linking TBM Owners with Charter Operators

New FACT program makes chartering out your TBM a less daunting proposition.
Daher announced a program to pair TBM turboprop owners with commercial charter operators. Dubbed Fly and Charter your TBM (FACT), the program links owners and charter operators, providing the needed initial documentation, insurance guidance and technical advice.READ MORE

16 Nov 2016
Flight Displays

MyGoFlight Introduces Low-Cost Skydisplay HUD

The compact and lightweight system targets increased safety in the light general aviation market.

MyGoFlight, known for its growing product line of iPad mounts, screen protectors, flight bags, clothing and more, has introduced a head-up display called Skydisplay. HUDs have been used for decades in military, commercial and business jet aircraft, but so far they have been too large and too expensive to be viable in the light general aviation market.READ MORE

15 Nov 2016

Textron Aviation Offers ADS-B Solutions for Citations, King Airs and Hawkers

Factory-direct STC for mandated ADS-B installations guaranteed for compliance worldwide.

With the ADS-B mandate quickly approaching, Textron Aviation announced that its service centers are offering ADS-B retrofits for an expanding number of models. The manufacturer announced this week that it recently achieved certification for an ADS-B Out solution for the Cessna Citation Mustang.READ MORE

15 Nov 2016

Global 7000 Completes First Flight

First deliveries of Bombardier’s newest bizjet are scheduled for late 2018.

The two-hour and 27-minute maiden flight of Canadian aircraft builder Bombardier’s new Global 7000 went off on Monday without a hitch.

The first of the Global 7000 test aircraft departed Bombardier’s Toronto test facility with two pilots and one test engineer and allowed ample time for the crew to evaluate the airplane’s flight controls and systems, as well as assess its handling qualities.


15 Nov 2016

Will the U.S. Lead the Way in Hypersonic Flight?

Budgetary issues have plagued technological advancement, but that could be about to change.

Most people know the term hypersonic, but few can probably define it. Hypersonic flight occurs when an object travels at speeds in excess of five times the speed of sound, or about 3,800 mph in dry air at sea level. At last month’s Forum on American Aeronautics held at the Mojave Air and Space Port, a number of speakers focused on how to create enough continual interest in the United States for NASA researchers to begin looking at the steps to create the next generation of experimental flying vehicles, some of which will operate hypersonically.